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Translation requires a comprehensive understanding of the source text and the ability to express the meaning clearly in English, taking into consideration all sorts of cues, including the author's expressed and implied attitude, the weight and connotation of specific words and expressions, linguistic and rhetorical devices, and assumptions of shared culture, knowledge, and experience.

Having lived in Bosnia and Herzegovina for six years, I hear the language as I read. I am familiar with colloquial language and slang, formal speech, academic and bureaucratic writing, the language of the popular media, even baby talk.

My understanding of the living, evolving language allows me to deliver a translation that captures the meaning and essence of the source text. And my English-language writing and editing skills ensure that my translations are suitable for publication.

"Prevod je odličan (pogotovu što nisi vidjela film)."
[The translation is excellent (especially considering that you haven't seen the film).] Filmmaker, May 2003. (Translation and adaptation of film subtitles.)

See my Writing and Translation Samples page for a short list of published translations or visit my blog for a more extensive list of publications.

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