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Translation Subject Areas and Document Types

Medical: Patient records, discharge summaries, lab results, clinical trial documentation, journal articles, medical case studies, patient information, general interest articles.

Culture and politics of Eastern Europe: Political analysis, event transcripts, news articles, media analysis, and contemporary art and culture from the former Yugoslavia and its successor countries—Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia.

Literature and literary nonfiction: Plays, short stories, memoir, essays, opinion pieces.

Film: Film and video subtitles and production materials, including scenarios, treatments, budgets, marketing.

Commercial and nonprofit publications: Website and brochure content, press releases, newsletters, donor letters, situation reports, needs assessments, feasibility studies, grant proposals, funding requests, project documentation, case studies, white papers.

Back translation: Informed consent, health assessment questionnaires, quality of life surveys, package inserts, product labels, company human resource documents, website content.

Other: News articles, blog comments, personal correspondence, general text about a wide range of subjects.

"Thanks again for your superlative work on a challenging text." Colleague, January 2011. (Translation of newspaper political analysis.)

Download my Translation Resumes (in PDF): Medical Translation, Literary Translation.

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