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Translation: Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, and Serbian (BCMS) into English

"First things first, your translation is a work of art! The consultant is extremely pleased—great job." European consulting firm project manager, June 2003. (Translation of a market-research study and proposal.)

I have translated a wide variety of materials, from political protest proclamations to medical journal case reports to tweets and text messages.

For the past few years I have been focusing on literary translation and translations for publication, such as short stories, plays, interviews, analysis of current events, documentary film transcripts, and website copy. As well, I specialize in back translations of quality-of-life questionnaires and health assessment surveys. However, I consider everything that crosses my desk, so do not hesitate to contact me. Your project may be the one that reignites and old interest or sparks a new one!

I began translating professionally in 1998. I was living in Bosnia at the time and had already been editing and proofreading documents translated from Bosnian as well as text written in English by nonnative speakers. Translation was a natural next step.

My first translations were done under the guidance of, and in collaboration with, the authors and publishers who commissioned my work. I translated essays about art in consultation with art historians, company bylaws in consultation with lawyers, medical treatment documentation in consultation with doctors, and business plans in consultation with business owners.

The experience taught me to treat translations as living documents, each written in a particular style, for a specific audience, with a clear purpose.

Whether your purpose is to document, persuade, educate, or entertain, my translations will help you achieve your goals.

When requesting a translation, please be prepared to tell me what the translation will be used for. This allows me to provide you with a translation that will meet your needs. It is especially important to tell me if the translation is for publication, for information only, or for validating an existing translation. Please see the pages linked below for more information.

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ATA Certified from Croatian into English

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