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"I am very grateful to you for your part in all this. In addition to your overall contribution, this afternoon I discovered, by chance, a spot where without you I would have gone horribly wrong."
Author, academic dissertation, July 2016. (Translation review and research assistance.)

"Thanks so much. The grant is being submitted as we speak. Your suggestions were very valuable and really enhanced the clarity of the grant."
Academic researcher, December 2015. (Grant editor.)

"Your recordings are our gold standard that we seek to have all of our voice talents reach. You are always sure to provide clear recordings with no background noise at a reasonable volume."
Clinical research organization (CRO) project manager, December 2015. (Voice talent for telephone prompts.)

"Paula, thank you! Thank you for your close attention to detail, for being so flexible, for your many suggestions, in short, for everything you've done!"
Government agency director of communications, June 2015. (Report editor.)

"I am amazed at the quality of work you produce. To repeat myself, it's absolutely incredible! There is nobody that I know (or have known) who is as thorough and exact in this particular field as you are. I am simply stunned."
Author of multilingual medical dictionary, February 2014. (Editor and proofreader.)

"You've done it again—improved the quality of the end-product of our adventure."
Author, academic dissertation, December 2013. (Translation review and research assistance.)

"Paula, your comments were spot-on perfect for the book! Exactly what it needed! . . . You are the sort of tester a responsible author dreams of having!"
Author of computer how-to book, February 2013. (Reader and technical editor.)

"I think editors are always delighted to find freelancers who are highly intelligent, willing and able to follow instructions, and responsible about meeting deadlines. I wouldn't have recommended you to potential clients if I didn't know for a fact that you fit that description!"
Textbook developmental editor, January 2013. (Editor and ancillary tasks.)

"I thought Paula did a truly remarkable job of fixing the way the document reads without altering the substance."
Colleague, March 2012. (Editing and adaptation of translated text, article for publication on association website.)

"I've had the privilege of working with Paula in two of her roles: as a translator and as a copyeditor. She excels at both. . . . She's also a personable, intelligent person who's a pleasure to work with. . . ."
Editorial services company owner, September 2011.
See her full recommendation on my LinkedIn profile.

"Thanks again for your superlative work on a challenging text."
Colleague, January 2011. (Translation of newspaper political analysis.)

"The legend of your eagle eye grows. Many thanks for the extensive and helpful changes and edits."
Training program manager, December 2010. (Line editing and proofreading of program training materials.)

"Thank you for your terrific work. You exceeded expectations! Your explanations were very clear, your decision-making perfect and final product very good."
Agency project manager, August 2010. (Translation and formatting of equipment rental contract.)

"Thank you very much for your kind assistance with this project and your prompt delivery! As always, the quality of your work is impeccable and it is a real pleasure working with you."
Company project manager, August 2010. (Back translation of health-assessment questionnaire.)

"Thanks for the file. It looks amazing. . . . I would never believe one could make such a nice file out of that piece of crap I have sent as [a] source."
Agency project coordinator, March 2010. (Translation and formatting of handwritten medical records.)

"You rock."
Agency project manager, January 2010. (Quick answer to a follow-up question about a translation assignment.)

"I've just received another summary request from our client—they love you!"
Agency project manager, May 2009. (Website content review, content summaries, and translation of representative excerpts.)

"Paula, This looks great. I think this will give our client exactly what she needs (and more)."
Agency project manager, April 2009. (Gisting plus translation of representative excerpts of Islamic religious sermons.)

"Paula to the rescue! Yes, all of your changes are improvements, and I plan to send it just like this. . . . Many thanks."
Text author, October 2007. (Editing of professional correspondence.)

"Everything looks great. You translated each item exactly . . . without adding your own interpretation of the intended meaning, which is what some back-translators like to do. Thank you so much for your prompt delivery and help with these projects! It is always a pleasure to work with you."
Company project manager, August 2007. (Back translation of an illness-specific health questionnaire.)

"Thanks for your dedication to quality and detail."
Agency project manager, August 2005. (Translation of marketing materials.)

"Thank you for completing this project so quickly. . . . Our translator in Serbian has changed some wording based on your comments."
Company president, February 2005. (Back translation of a health-assessment questionnaire.)

"I just wanted to let you know that the client approved the English subtitles today!! The format of the script, the notes, etc. . . . everything that you did helped to make my job much easier. I couldn't have asked for two better people to work with on this project!"
Subtitling company project manager, November 2004. (Translation of feature film subtitles, in collaboration with a colleague who transcribed the film.)

"Thanks for the proofreading. I read it and I think it is perfect—you corrected their English but kept their writing style."
Exhibition curator, September 2003. (Editing and proofreading of artist statements for exhibition catalog.)

"First things first, your translation is a work of art! The consultant is extremely pleased—great job."
European consulting firm project manager, June 2003. (Translation of a market-research study and proposal.)

"Prevod je odličan (pogotovu što nisi vidjela film)."
[The translation is excellent (especially considering that you haven't seen the film).]
Filmmaker, May 2003. (Translation and adaptation of film subtitles.)

"The text obviously needed to be reworked. It is coherent now and you did a great job!"
Text author, summer 2002. (Translation and adaptation of an artist monograph.)

These comments were freely given and are posted here with permission; they are anonymous to protect client confidentiality.

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