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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How did you learn Bosnian and all those other languages?
A: I started in 1988 with a book called Teach Yourself Serbo-Croat by V. Javarek and M. Sudjić. For years I tested myself with flash cards while I waited for the bus or rode the subway. That provided a foundation for when I moved to Bosnia in 1996 and immersed myself in the language and culture. But if you meant to ask not "how" but "why," well, there are a few reasons. I touch on some of them briefly on my blog, where I try to answer a different question: "Why Plan B?"

Q: Do you translate certificates, diplomas, and school transcripts?
A: I am generally not available for certificate translation these days, but you can contact me for referrals to other translators who work on those kinds of documents. Or you can search the ATA member directory.

Q: Can you interpret for medical appointments or court appearances (weddings, parent-teacher meetings, etc.)?
A: No, I do not provide oral interpretation services. To find an interpreter in your area, use the advanced search options of the ATA interpreter directory or find an organization in your area on ATA's affiliate organization page.

Q: What is ATA certification?
A: ATA, the American Translators Association, was founded in 1959 and is the largest professional association of translators and interpreters in the United States. ATA has established a certification program to verify that individual translators meet professional standards. Written examinations lead to certification in a specific language pair and direction. Certification offers objective evidence that the translator possesses professional competence in a specific language combination. Read more in my 2004 article in Translation Journal or see ATA's certification pages.

Q: Do I need a certified translator to meet the requirements of a certified translation?
A: Not necessarily. Often when an institution asks for a certified translation, it is referring to a letter of certification, not the ATA-certified credential. For a detailed explanation, see this blog post: FAQ: What is a certified translation?

Q: What information do I have to provide when I contact you about a translation or editing job, and is there some kind of checklist?
A: At minimum, please provide your full name and contact information, a brief description of your document or project, and your time frame. But please see the Request a Quote page for more information. It explains project parameters and gives examples of translation instructions.

Q: What kind of payment methods do you accept?
A: I accept payment by check, PayPal, and bank wire transfer, and I am open to other methods of payment if none of these are available in your location. Payment in U.S. dollars is preferred. Details of payment will be discussed for each assignment.

Q: How do you determine prices?
A: My main consideration when determining a price for your project is the totality of the time, effort, and expertise needed to provide the required services. For more information, please see Pricing on the Terms page (in the Contact section).

I've also posted some FAQs (and answers) on my WordPress blog. I'm available to answer any questions you have, so please feel free to contact me.

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