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Mixed-Service Projects

Not all projects fit neatly into self-contained categories. Some require a combination of two or three services, and others involve a little of everything.

Here are three scenarios to illustrate how I can help move your project forward by providing a combination of services.

Scenario A: You are conducting research that involves publications, documents, or interviews originating in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, or Montenegro.

I can review materials based on your criteria, provide a table of contents and/or summaries of documents that may be of interest to you, and do full translations of selected documents on request.

Scenario B: You would like to follow regional news for mention of a person, project, organization, or trend.

Films on the international festival circuit, your hometown karate champion on a winning streak, an Internet meme? I can track regional websites for mention of your subject of interest and provide translations and publication data, similar to a clipping service. If we include tweets, blog posts, and reader comments in the mix, you can get a feel for public sentiment as well.

Scenario C: You are presenting your findings in a journal or at an international conference, and you would like to make sure that the Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, or Serbian translation of your article or presentation is an accurate reflection of your research and conclusions.

Before you commission the translation, I can review your original English text and alert you to ambiguities in phrasing and likely terminology questions. With this pre-translation review, you can optimize your text for translation, and you will have the information needed to provide a glossary of technical terms so that the translator can make appropriate decisions when faced with state-of-the-art or unfamiliar terms and concepts.

After the translation is complete, I can review the translation and work with you and the translator to clear up any errors or ambiguities. I can also act as a liaison between you and the conference organizers to try to catch and correct any typographical or formatting errors introduced by the design and layout of the publication or presentation slides.

"I am very grateful to you for your part in all this. In addition to your overall contribution, this afternoon I discovered, by chance, a spot where without you I would have gone horribly wrong." Author, academic dissertation, July 2016. (Translation review and research assistance.)

With over 30 years of experience implementing projects with artists and entrepreneurs, pragmatists and visionaries, I am comfortable in a variety of working situations—from task-oriented to collaborative. And, as the name of my business suggests, I don't lose my cool when project plans change.

For details about how project specifications are determined and an overview of the ordering process, please refer to Request a Quote. Together we will explore the parameters of your project and come up with a plan to move your project forward.

"I've just received another summary request from our client—they love you!" Agency project manager, May 2009. (Website content review, content summaries, and translation of representative excerpts.)

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