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Proofreading used to be just that—comparing a typeset document (the proof) with the previous marked-up copy to make sure all the changes were entered correctly.

These days, proofreading usually refers to either checking a near-final version of an electronic manuscript for spelling, grammar, and punctuation, or checking mock-ups or laid-out pages for typographic errors and inconsistencies in formatting.

"The legend of your eagle eye grows. Many thanks for the extensive and helpful changes and edits." Training program manager, December 2010. (Line editing and proofreading of program training materials.)

My proofreading services can include any of the following:
  • Ensure correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation according to publication specifications or company style
  • Ensure adherence to formatting instructions
  • Review reference list for completeness
  • Format reference list according to journal specifications
  • Check for bad word breaks, line breaks, and page breaks in print-ready layout
  • Check publication elements, such as margins, pagination, running heads, captions, and photo credits
  • Input changes in electronic file after author's approval on hard copy
  • Review text after corrections have been entered
  • Other tasks as specified, focusing more on form than content
Delivery options
  • Electronic delivery in Word will include the document with tracked changes showing.
  • PDFs will be marked with PDF proofing tools and comment bubbles or per agreement.
  • A hard-copy proof will use standard notations; the hard copy can be mailed or it can be scanned and sent electronically.
  • Proofreading notes are usually sent in a separate document.

"I am amazed at the quality of work you produce. To repeat myself, it's absolutely incredible! There is nobody that I know (or have known) who is as thorough and exact in this particular field as you are. I am simply stunned." Author of multilingual medical dictionary, February 2014. (Editor and proofreader.)

Whether you need another pair of eyes right away or are planning ahead, don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to discussing your project with you.

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