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When copyediting, I read for sense, coherence, and overall style and register; flag unclear statements or inconsistencies; suggest rephrasing of awkward sentences; and ensure correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. If requested, I will also ensure that the text adheres to your preferred style guide or to publisher-specified formatting or submission instructions. (If no style is specified, I wll edit to a standard style guide for the field or subject matter.)

"I thought Paula did a truly remarkable job of fixing the way the document reads without altering the substance." Colleague, March 2012. (Editing and adaptation of translated text, article for publication on association website.)

The following services can also be requested:
  • Cross-check citations, tables, figures, and/or other internal references
  • Format reference list and/or footnotes
  • Compile or revise a glossary and/or style sheet
  • Incorporate author's responses to queries into the document
  • Input changes after author's approval
  • Review text after changes have been accepted or entered by author
  • Final proofread after editing rounds are complete (see Proofreading)
  • Work on hard copies
Delivery options:
  • Unless otherwise requested, the edited Word document will be returned with tracked changes showing.
  • Notes on the edit will be inserted with the comment function, but they can be inserted inline (in double brackets) or listed in a separate document on request.
  • Authors are requested to track all changes when reviewing the manuscript between editing rounds.

Not all projects fit neatly into predetermined categories; it is always best to clarify definitions early in the discussion so that the two of us and other members of the project are on the same page. For information about clarifying the terms of a project, please refer to Request a Quote.

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