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Editing and Proofreading for Publication: Medical, Academic, Business, Government, Nonprofit

I think of my editing services as falling into three general categories: substantive editing, copyediting, and proofreading. Here's an easy way to think of them, in the order in which they should be performed:

Substantive editing: Does the text achieve its purpose?
Read for sense, logic, and narrative flow.

Copyediting: Is the text written in language the reader can understand?
Read for style, grammar, and usage.

Proofreading: Is the text error-free and does it comply with the publisher's instructions?
Read for errors and adherence to style guide, formatting templates, or publisher instructions.

If you are not sure what level of editing you need, I'll be glad to make a recommendation after reviewing your manuscript and discussing your publication plans with you.

I will work with you to realize the full potential of your writing, preserving both your message and your voice.

I have been proofreading and editing since the early 1990s, including a stint as an in-house proofreader with a New York City branding and media consulting firm. I excel at reducing repetition, improving readability, and streamlining writing to carry the reader from introduction to conclusion.

See my Writing and Translation Samples page for links to published articles or download my Editorial Services Resume (in PDF).

"Paula, thank you! Thank you for your close attention to detail, for being so flexible, for your many suggestions, in short, for everything you've done!" Government agency director of communications, June 2015. (Report editor.)

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